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Sedona's Best Vortex Guidebook

Sedona's Best Vortex Guidebook

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Book Review
There are so many Vortex spots in Sedona. We weren't sure where to look, so we bought "Sedona's Best Vortex Guidebook" It was very informative. Spots like Airport Mesa and Bell Rock. Each person may feel different things. Don't go expecting to "feel the power". Just go visit the areas and enjoy. Afterwards if you notice that you might have felt some extra energy to make up Bell Rock then that was the vortex. In other cases it might just hit you right in the face. Either way, this book is quite helpful for your vortex journeys.

About the Author
Jamie Rota, with a BS in Education, is an inspirational speaker, author, aura photographer, and spiritual teacher who lives in Sedona, Arizona. For the past 15+ years she worked as the Aura Photo Reader at the Center for the New Age, a spiritual healing and retail center devoted to the spiritual growth and enlightenment of seekers from around the world.

Jamie has appeared on PBS and various TV and radio shows where she utilizes her unique blend of intuition and spiritual knowledge to educate others on New Age related topics.

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