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You Have No Competition

Posted by Anita Dalton on

You Have No Competition
The Universe is unlimited and can never be exhausted. What that means to you is that there is enough room for everyone’s dream. There is never a need to compete or worry that someone is going to take what you have. The worst trap in the Universe is jealously. When you become a leader in your field and are successful, other people, not of your consciousness, may feel jealous.

We all have this seed of jealousy, but when you know that you and you alone are in charge of your movie, you stop worrying about what anyone else thinks. What they think of you is none of your business.

Many years ago, there was a small Crystal store here. When I took over this property, the owner of that store became enraged. He saw me as competition. He built a high wall and planted high weeds between us. What he didn’t consider was that all the business I was creating with my expert marketing skills, could have brought him business also. But now no one could see him behind the wall.  After 20 years I am still here. He’s not. He let jealousy kill his business.

You will never be successful if you’re jealous of another person’s success. True enlightenment is not jealous. It does not judge. It sees the perfection in every situation. It’s operates from everyone’s highest and best good. It serves with love and compassion. It finds delight in seeing another win.

It’s time to smash the Green eyed Monster in us all. It’s time to realize there is enough good in the Universe for all of us. It’s time to celebrate every time one of us has a win. Know now that every situation you create in your lifetime only serves you and is for your highest and best good.

Namaste, Anita

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