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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Posted by Anita Dalton on

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

As we learn to recognize our part in life’s lessons, we then empower ourselves to turn even the worst experience into a positive experience. We can do this by making better choices.

Try starting each day with Spirit. It takes only a few minutes to say, “Holy Spirit, what would you have me do today, who would you have me see, who would you have me speak to, guide me through my day with love and compassion.”

Believe in the good in yourself and others. Tell others what you admire about them. Notice how good it feels to make someone else smile.

Heal the wounds of the past. Every experience you ever had has made you the amazing individual you are today. Give thanks for those lessons learned. Love and forgive. Be grateful that you had the strength to survive.

Make some different choices. You don’t have to do it alone. You can ask for God’s help. You have to be willing to accept it when it comes.

There is a story about a minister during a flood. He went to the top of the church roof to pray for help.  When the Police came by to rescue him he said,” I’m fine God is helping me.”  When a  boat came by , he refused to go with the firemen. He said ” Oh no, God will save me. Then a helicopter came to pick him up, once again he refused to go. He drowned. When he got to heaven he said, “God why didn’t you save me.” God said,” I tried, I sent the police, a boat and a helicopter”.

Life happens. It doesn’t happen to us, it happens with us and for us. As we begin to live life from a spiritual path we learn to step up and create our new reality. We release the ego and begin to Co-create with God. Namaste.

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