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The Most Important Thing About Changing Your Vibration

Posted by Anita Dalton on

The Most Important Thing About Changing Your Vibration
Before you can change anything, you first have to change your mind. What? You want me to change my most comfortable and familiar thoughts. Well yes, it will take some awareness and discipline on your part, but because it’s YOUR mind, no one else can do it for you.

Even though you may allow others, or your environment, or the TV to influence your thoughts, you still have the final word. Your thoughts cause your emotions. In turn, your emotions cause chemical changes in your body. It’s automatic. But you can decide which emotions you let your body experience.

Suppose you walk out in your back yard. The grass is overgrown, and out of the corner of your eye you see a long green coil slithering in the grass. You immediately think, “SNAKE !!” That thought makes you feel fear. The emotion of fear makes your body release chemicals that prepare you to run away. Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure and heart rate increase. The body is experiencing stress.

When you realize what you saw was a garden hose, those chemicals start to release and your body starts to go back to normal.  Unless, your body is being bombarded constantly with those negative chemicals. If this continues it will affect every organ and cell in your body. Your body will eventually break down and now you’re looking at disease. Disease is dis ease.

Medical science keeps trying to alter these chemicals with drugs. In the long run, if you keep bombarding your body with the same thoughts and emotions your health problem will either not go away or come back. A positive emotion like love, excitement, appreciation and joy flood your cells blissful healing emotion. It’s just a choice. You may want to consider changing.

Namaste Anita

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