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How To Replace Worry & Failure With Happiness & Success

Posted by Anita Dalton on

How To Replace Worry & Failure With Happiness & Success
Worry, simply defined, Is nothing more or less than thinking about what you don’t want to happen. It is negative goal setting. Therefore, to replace worry with happiness, you have only to change your thoughts to what you do want to happen.

Imagine in your mind, the pleasant successful and joyful results you desire, and you will be guaranteed happiness today and success tomorrow.


The development of a positive mental attitude makes all things possible, all goals achievable, and life more enjoyable.  Forget about the “WHAT IF’S” – only FOCUS ON THE  POSITIVE END RESULTS.

Starting today, right now, for only thirty days, practice the habit of carefully reviewing the thoughts you are having. Listen to yourself carefully and become conscious of the amazing number of negative remarks you automatically make every day.

Be honest with yourself and ask, ‘Do I really believe that or am I just mouthing this out of habit. Practice saying the exact opposite of what you usually say and notice how the new positive words sound.

Keep track of all the good things that happen and give thanks for the many blessings that you enjoy, even the smallest ones. Put the best meaning for everyone you come in contact with.

Become a ” possibility thinker,” and a “can do achiever.”

You will notice, it will become natural for you to expect the good, the positive, and the joy in life. As you speak and think and express only hopeful enthusiastic ideas, you will automatically find happiness and relaxation in yourself. It takes so little effort for such great results. You’ll add years to your life and life to your years.

Throughout your day ask yourself “Am I choosing a terrific day” or  “am I settling for a bad day. The choice is yours and it is only a choice.

Namaste Anita

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