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Angel Messages 11/16

Posted by Sedona NewAge on

Angel Messages 11/16

Honor Yourself More

The angels ask that you honor yourself more as the unique and interesting individual you are.  It is time to stop comparing yourself to others, judging yourself harshly, and allowing the opinions of others to pull you away from your desired path.

Your life is different from every single other person’s.  Pay close attention to what is important to you, where you feel comfortable, who gives you joy, and what feeds your soul.  That is the only measure you need.  The rest is simply other people allowing their own focus to be pulled from their own lives.  You are right to ignore that outside influence, unless you have sought it from a trusted source.  Being you is all you need to be.

Living More Simply

Do not be afraid to pare down your life.  The angels say that this pertains to possessions, expenses, and time commitments.  This is not the time to continue pursuing more, just to have more.  Pull yourself out of that old way of thinking and enter this current time of living more simply.

This need not be a chore.  Take this process one step at a time.  Make this sacred time where you are consciously putting your life in order by eliminating all that is unnecessary and leaving only that which regularly serves you in a positive way.

Donate or sell things you don’t, or can’t, use.  Cancel services that are not critical to your life.  The angels say that this portion of the clearing will help you free up more money, giving you greater peace of mind.  Lastly, refrain from committing your most precious resource, time, when you really don’t want to.  This is the time to create a more simple, less stressful life so you can move forward spiritually.

Taking the Higher Road

Being spiritual is all about how you live your life, moment to moment.  That is not just when others can see what you do, but when you are alone.  The angels ask that you remember how important it is to act, and react in a manner that reflects the goodness and positive intentions in your heart.

You have been tested by darkness, and will be tested again.  That is a fact.  Think before you respond to less than kind words, or deeds toward you.  Remember the light in your soul and that our every action can contribute to planetary enlightenment or it can add to darkness.

Your angels understand that you might feel better to tell a person just what you think of them.  But know that it would be a momentary pleasure; followed by the knowledge that you are better than that.  So rise above petty, ignorant acts.  You have the inner strength to do this and it pleases your angelic guides so much when you do.

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