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Advanced Feng Shui Principles

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Advanced Feng Shui Principles

This article will elaborate upon less well know Feng Shui cures regarding:

  • Relationships
  • Prosperity in Association with Home and Business
  • Business and Home Protection
  • Children and Child Birth

The following stones and crystals will be discussed:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Blue and Pink Tourmaline
  • Citrine
  • Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian: takes away negative energies in relationships.
The relationship corner of your bedroom is on your left shoulder when you are lying down with your head positioned below the headboard.  As you are lying down in bed, move your head to the left.  Observe the following with regard to the two walls that meet, creating a corner.  Do you have a nightstand there?  This corner should be kept clean and uncluttered of nick-nacks and photographs to increase harmony in an existing relationship.  To call in a new relationship, observe the following:  place one fountain in the corner with 2 pink rose quartz pieces and one Black Obsidian stone in the water, one small live plant of your choice and two horse figurines.  The figurines should be up on their hind legs with the front legs off of the ground.

Prosperity in Association with Home and Business
Citrine: attracts wealth and people who can prosper us.
For a favorable outcome in various business transactions, it is suggested that you place citrine crystals over any existing contracts – legal documents, house closings, lottery tickets, etc. – which you want to bring in money.  It is important to remove these documents after the allotted time frame for completion has past, and replace them with newer goals.  This system will work whether you conduct business out of your home or a conventional business location.  

Business and Home Protection
If you are having difficulty in your home or business with negativity, argumentation and dissention among existing family members or visitors, it is suggested that you buy Black Tourmaline.  The Black Tourmaline should be broken into smaller fragments if it is purchased as a large piece and  should be buried underground at the entranceway of your business or in the front of your home to avert this negativity.  If you also conduct business in your home, black tourmaline keeps away problematic business liaisons, customers and the like.

Children and Child Birth
Blue and Pink Tourmaline has an effect on conception.  
If you are having trouble conceiving a child and do not have a severe medical condition, place a sizable piece of blue and pink tourmaline under your bed.  Also, three days prior to your ovulation cycle, soak the pink and blue tourmaline in a bowl of water and leave for five days.  Add 2 tablespoons of Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts to the water.  Place cloth in the water and wring out until barely moist.  Place the cloth over the ovarian section of your body for 10 minutes a day, for the three days prior to ovulation.
Repeat cycle, if necessary, for three months.

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